DirtFree® Technology

Incorporates metal ions to the enamel, which destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, eliminating hazardous agents to human health. This technology gives unrivaled brightness and significantly facilitates cleaning.


One Eco Lever®

Revolutionary system that greatly exceeds the performance of conventional toilets by 65% and dual flush toilets by 20%; without sacrificing performance.


Quasar Tech®

The inner diameter of the siphon of Bellagio toilets is 2”, 22% more than the US standard toilets (ASME). This difference in diameter means a 50% bigger siphon area, which facilitates higher flushing power, significantly reducing the incidence of clogging.



This flushing technology consists of a high pressure jet of water that evacuates waste fast and silent. The interaction between the high end siphon Quasar Tech®, with its designs of greater area and depths, and the CentriFlush® technology, assures an efficient, economical and hygienic flush.


Comfort Arc®

The height and width of our toilets are designed according to the natural characteristics of the human body.


EverShine® Technology

Our faucets are given a chemical treatment prior to the chrome plating that inhibits the oxidation of the metal, extending the life of the chrome and consequently the life of the faucet in its entirety. Subsequently, a thick chrome layer cover the faucet giving the finish that distinguishes the Bellagio taps ensuring a lasting shine.


High grade ceramic cartridge

High grade ceramic cartridge, with special noise reduction filter and water saving technology that will be still smooth and soft even after 500.000 uses.


Dynamic Constant Flow Aerator

Dynamic constant flow aerator keeps constant water flow under variety of water pressure conditions.